Workplace and Factual Investigations

Fair investigations for your organisation

One male and two female office workers dressed in suits, undertaking a factual investigation

We provide independent services for workplace and factual investigations. Known for our comprehensive and responsive approach, we focus on procedural fairness, detailed inquiry, and thorough analysis.

Are you a manager dealing with a workplace issue? Or trying to juggle a demanding caseload?
Do you need to investigate?
Wondering when you’ll find the time?

Investigating a workplace or insurance issue isn’t always a straightforward process, especially when you’re already snowed under.

Investigations are a significant time commitment, and you need to make sure the process is – and appears to be – fair. It’s a hurdle for any manager tasked with an investigation, but we can help.

As third-party investigators, we’re skilled in conducting independent investigations focused on procedural fairness. We strive to investigate in an even-handed manner and present the evidence impartially.

We assign two investigators to every workplace investigation to ensure continuity of service. Our work hours fit in with yours, which is crucial to the success of any investigation. Because our clients are located throughout NSW and the ACT, we travel to remote worksites as required and use video conferencing technology if necessary

Our clients appreciate our professional, reasonable, and balanced approach. As a result, our work has been a critical factor in resolving many workplace issues and incidents without pre-empting future fair work claims or other litigation.

Our independent workplace and factual investigations can help your organisation. Just ask how.

Why choose us?

We’re experienced investigators ready to help your organisation resolve workplace and insurance issues.

Independent, unbiased, and fair

Flexible and adaptable

Legally compliant

Investigative Services Group

Licensed and qualified

Private and confidential

Focused on participant welfare

Professional training and qualifications

We have the skills and training to conduct compliant and efficient investigations to an exceptional standard, whether your job is big, small, simple or complex. That’s why we hold the following industry-recognised qualifications:

We use a secure and customised Case Management System that seamlessly integrates with insurance industry software packages such as Duck Creek and Guidewire. Our CMS provides relevant and real-time updates at every stage of the investigation. This means that our communications with you are streamlined, effective, and always current

Information for interview participants

If you’re asked to participate in one of our investigations, you’re entitled to information about the investigation process. Learn more:

Articles & Case Studies

Woman in suit sitting at table, holding a pen with a glass of water and a lamp. Image represents investigation services for lawyers

Investigation Services for Lawyers

When you’re juggling a significant legal workload, it makes sense to look for ways to work smarter. When an investigation is needed, outsourcing is often an excellent solution. However, your investigator must be independent, skilled, and have an excellent knowledge of relevant laws and requirements.

Man in suit who is investigating misconduct in the workplace, with arms stretched out, physically separating two male colleagues who are arguing

Investigating Misconduct in the Workplace

When there’s an allegation of workplace misconduct, a manager or team leader often has first contact with the issue and must decide how to deal with it. It’s a critical time because the success of an investigation depends on how things are handled in the early stages, especially for considerations such as procedural fairness.

Exceptional workplace and factual investigations

Industry-leading investigations delivered with efficiency, integrity and quality.