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When a general insurance or compulsory third party (CTP) claim requires investigation, there’s often a question about whether the claim is fraudulent. But as a case manager for an insurer or large self-insured organisation, you’re juggling a significant caseload. And because insurance fraud losses are often substantial, you’re under pressure to make sure these claims are investigated thoroughly and promptly.

That’s where we can help. Our investigators are all experienced in insurance claims and have CAPI licences (issued by the NSW Police). They also all hold Certificate III in Investigative Services. So you can entrust your investigations to our safe hands.

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We conduct insurance investigations in the following areas:

CTP & Motor Vehicle Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Rental Property Insurance

Life & Income Insurance

Travel Insurance

Marine (Cargo) Insurance

CTP insurance claim investigations

Insurers engage our services on a regular basis to conduct independent investigations into the circumstances surrounding CTP insurance claims. As part of our process, we may:

  • Interview motor vehicle drivers
  • Interview the insured parties
  • Interview any passengers or other witnesses
  • Speak to the Police
  • Locate and interview any other persons of interest
  • Collect personal information such as names, addresses, licence and vehicle details and driving history
  • Conduct scene work (for example, taking measurements and photos, inspecting road conditions)
  • Collect information about weather conditions
  • Locate or create a map of the accident scene
  • Locate relevant documents
  • Collect information about relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Undertake any other investigative work as required

We conduct our investigations according to the provisions of the Insurance Council of Australia’s (ICA’s) General Insurance Code of Practice.

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General insurance claim investigations

When we investigate a general insurance claim, the circumstances may include fire, property damage, theft, accidents, product liability or public liability. As part of the process, we may:

  • Interview the insured parties
  • Interview any witnesses
  • Speak to the Police
  • Locate and interview any other persons of interest
  • Conduct scene work, especially if the claim involves fire, flood, theft, or other physical events
  • Locate relevant documents, including any police reports
  • Collect information about relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Undertake any other investigative work as required

Our general insurance and CTP investigations are:








What should I consider when outsourcing to a third party investigator?

Outsourcing your claim investigations to a third party is often excellent for caseload management, so long as you can find the right investigator. You’ll need someone who:

  • Complies with all relevant laws
  • Complies with industry standards and requirements
  • Has significant industry knowledge
  • Uses a thorough and analytical approach
  • Will meet time requirements
  • Follows your instructions but also considers all information and discusses relevant issues with you
  • Understands the importance of clearly defining the investigation scope and deadlines
  • Communicates clearly and appropriately with all parties, especially the claimant
  • Understands how to conduct a formal interview that complies with relevant laws and requirements
  • Knows how to collect evidence appropriately and keep legally compliant records

The report is one of the most important methods of presenting the evidence to you. So your investigator must be able to produce high-quality, detailed reports, dissecting every angle and asking every question while remaining impartial and balanced.

It’s a big ask to find everything you’re looking for in one investigation service, but we can give you the support you need.

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Why should I choose ISG as my general insurance or CTP investigator?

We have significant experience in insurance claims, especially as CTP investigators. When you engage us, we’ll discuss your time requirements and make sure we can meet them.

We work through a comprehensive process to investigate all aspects of the claim. Even better, our customised content management system is a secure platform. With real-time progress updates, you can log in and see all data relevant to the case. In addition, our workflows and dashboards are customised according to the type of case and the investigation required.

It’s a highly effective way to serve client needs with maximum efficiency.

Depending on the circumstances of the claim, we’ll put together a report that gives an objective and comprehensive account of the available evidence, including witness details and statements, diagrams, photos, and driving conditions. We’ll also provide information about what aspects of the claim are substantiated and what are unsubstantiated. 

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