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When a complex issue arises in your organisation, you may find it impossible to dedicate yourself to a factual or workplace investigation while balancing your usual workload. And it’s challenging if you don’t have specific training and expertise in investigation services. Then there’s the emotional toll. For example, if a worker is under investigation, the impact can spread to other workers and management. 

Our job is to step in and take on the investigation, leaving you free to attend to your other duties. Our arm’s length investigations are fair, impartial, and focused on procedural fairness.

Comprehensive investigation services in NSW

Because there are many ways to conduct an investigation, we assess every brief to customise our services to the needs of each client. However, our investigations typically fall into three categories: factual, desktop, and surveillance.

1. Factual Investigations

Factual investigations are often used for general insurance, workers compensation, workplace and ICAM investigations. We are primarily concerned with gathering evidence and getting a picture of the circumstances. Our activities may include taking statements, checking background information, and gathering other evidence, including important documents. Usually, we create witness statements, compile the evidence and prepare a report for our clients.

2. Desktop investigations

Desktop investigations are often used for skip tracing. They are helpful when it’s not necessary to attend an investigation site, because the aim is to locate a person of interest. Desktop investigations usually involve checking a person’s online activity and database searches. Our desktop investigation clients include insurers, financial companies, solicitors and real estate agents.

3. Surveillance investigations

Surveillance investigations are sometimes used when other means of investigation have been unsuccessful or are unavailable. Surveillance may form part of a factual investigation, particularly if there’s a question about whether a claimant’s injury is genuine. Surveillance typically involves observing persons of interest and recording their activities, subject to relevant laws. For example, we conduct surveillance on foot, from a car, while undercover, or with drones (subject to Civil Aviation Safety Authority restrictions)

Our Investigation Services

Woman holding hand to her head as she observes car accident in background. Image represents CTP investigations

General Insurance and CTP Investigations

We conduct thorough and compliant investigations into suspicious or problematic insurance claims.

Our insurance investigation services include

  • CTP and motor vehicle insurance
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Rental property insurance
  • Life and income insurance
  • Travel and marine insurance

ICAM Investigations

We search for the root cause of workplace accidents and logistics breaches while prioritising worker welfare

Our ICAM investigation services include

  • Incident investigations
  • Workplace accidents
  • Chain of responsibility breaches
  • Vehicle fatigue investigations
  • Quality review of investigations
Man and woman in high visibility vests and hard hats conducting an ICAM Investigation
Wet floor in public area with yellow caution sign. Image represents public liability claims

Public Liability Claim Investigations

From the first briefing to the final report, our investigations comply with industry standards and expectations

Our public liability investigation services include

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Water sport injuries
  • Common assaults
  • Faulty appliances and devices

Skip Trace Investigations

Our OSINT and cyber investigators use first-class technology to locate persons of interest

Our skip trace investigation services include

  • Social media intelligence
  • Image intelligence
  • Database searches
  • 14-day relocation guarantee
  • Service of legal documents
Woman working at laptop computer, conducting a skip trace investigation
Construction worker with yellow vest and carrying a blue hard hat, during a workers compensation investigation

Workers Compensation Investigations

We holistically investigate to help you determine how to assess and manage workers compensation claims.

Our workers compensation investigation services include

  • Psychological injuries
  • Physical injuries
  • Work injury damages claims
  • Comprehensive assessment of the evidence
  • Detailed client reports

Workplace Investigations

We offer a professional, quick response while preserving privacy, confidentiality, and procedural fairness

Our workplace investigation services include

  • Harassment and bullying
  • Code of conduct and policy breaches
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Safety issues
  • Intellectual property theft and fraud
Male and female investigators discussing a workplace investigation with a female worker

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