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With years of combined experience, our investigators have worked in a range of industries including railway, road transport, government, healthcare, emergency services and human resources. Investigative Services Group (ISG) offers specialised investigative support services to government departments, insurers, and medium to large enterprises. 

Our team of independent, experienced investigators can help you to:

  • Investigate a workplace issue
  • Investigate an insurance issue
  • Locate a person of interest

Why we're different

As a close-knit team, we’ve won high regard for our factual and workplace investigation services. We are;

  • Impartial: We gather and assess the evidence without any preconceptions about what’s happened or who’s at fault
  • Fair: We regard procedural fairness as paramount, and it underpins every investigation
  • Independent: As a third-party, we can delve into the issues while remaining objective and even-handed
  • Responsive: Our structure and approach means that we can respond quickly and efficiently

Our investigators have unique skills in distilling facts from the evidence and presenting them objectively, allowing our clients to work out how to manage the issues.

As part of our investigation activities, there is often a need to locate a person of interest, which is time-consuming for a manager. There’s also the issue of serving legal documents on a person whose location is unknown. That’s why we’re proud to offer a dedicated skip trace service to a range of clients, including insurers, lawyers, debt collection agencies and, on occasion, private individuals.

As a commitment to continuity of service, we assign two investigators to every ISG workplace investigation. It’s an exceptional offering, allowing our clients to access responsive, cost-effective investigation services at all stages of the process. 

ISG’s case management system supports this approach with:

  • Provides real-time updates
  • Is customised for each investigation
  • Is customised for the needs of each client
  • Integrates with Duck Creek and Guidewire software.

It’s another way of ensuring that our communication is seamless and maximises efficiency and convenience for every client.

Andrew Davis

Meet Andrew Davis

ISG Principal Investigator Andrew Davis is a qualified and licensed investigator. He commenced his investigative career in the rail industry. His responsibilities included reviewing safety issues, assessing cause, and working out how to fix the problems. As a result, Andrew found a natural affinity with transport safety investigation.

Later, Andrew took on operations manager roles for various private transport companies. A significant part of his responsibilities included investigating safety incidents and making recommendations to address the issues.

It was a natural step for Andrew to undertake and complete his Certificate III in Investigative Services, Certificate IV in Government Investigations, and ICAM lead investigator qualifications.

Andrew realised the tremendous value in reducing litigation risk through impartial investigations. So he established ISG, focusing on unbiased and independent investigations.

Professional training and qualifications

We have the skills and training to conduct compliant and efficient investigations to an exceptional standard, whether your job is big, small, simple or complex. That’s why our investigators hold the following industry-recognised qualifications:

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