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Meticulous, methodical and multifaceted claim investigations

As a workers compensation insurer or self-insured employer, your organisation may need to investigate workers compensation claims regularly. Perhaps there’s uncertainty whether the worker’s injury has stabilised. Or doubt whether the claim is genuine.

We can help.

We’re workers compensation investigators, skilled in careful investigations and experienced in meeting workers compensation legal requirements.

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Our workers compensation investigations are ideal for

Psychological Injuries

Physical Injuries

Work Injury Damages Claims

Why use an external investigator for my workers compensation investigation?

Workers compensation investigations take time and effort, often presenting significant challenges, especially when you’re also juggling the demands of your job. Engaging the services of a third-party investigator is often an effective solution.

A good investigator will locate all the evidence and present it to you in an objective and analytical report, allowing you to assess how to deal with the issue. It’s not the investigator’s job to advise you what to do – your technical adviser or solicitors can help with that – but rather to let you know whether the claim is substantiated.  

Why should I choose ISG as my workers compensation investigator?

Who you choose as your investigator may make an enormous difference to your investigation, especially its quality and efficiency.

Workers compensation investigations often require considerable detail. Evidence must be located and collected in a way that ensures its admissibility in any legal proceedings. And above all, knowledge of NSW workers compensation laws and processes is critical.

We investigate workers compensation claims holistically. We look at all surrounding circumstances, timelines, tasks, witnesses, workplace reporting, and other relevant issues.

We’re proud to have built our reputation on fair and unbiased investigations, offering objective analysis with excellent knowledge of legal requirements.

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What should I know about the workers compensation investigation process?

When you engage us to conduct a workers compensation investigation, we provide our findings in a report. Depending on the nature of the issues, the report may detail:

  • How the investigation was conducted
  • Arrangements, appointments, and meetings with all parties and witnesses
  • Documents gathered
  • Our understanding of the insured’s operations
  • Key contacts
  • Relevant policies and procedures
  • The claimant’s background information, including hobbies, education and employment history
  • The claimant’s medical and claims history
  • The claimant’s employment history with the insured, including training, income, work hours, and performance
  • A chronological summary of the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury
  • Any relevant background searches
  • Any relevant photographs or other documents

We won’t advise you about liability or how to manage the claim. However, we undertake that our investigation will comply with the relevant codes of conduct and standards of practice. If you have any specific concerns about compliance, please discuss them with us.

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Our workers compensation investigation services are:







What's involved in investigating workers compensation claims for psychological injury?

Investigating psychological injury claims requires significant skill. It’s critical to ensure that the investigation process doesn’t aggravate the claimant’s injuries. We have considerable experience in investigating allegations of workplace bullying, harassment, and managerial support issues.

Our goal is to balance the need to gather evidence and assess the facts on the one hand, with ensuring that the investigation is conducted sensitively on the other.

We usually prefer to conduct face-to-face interviews. However, sometimes it’s necessary to adapt our processes for the welfare of a participant. For example, if we identify a vulnerable person, we can:

  • Arrange to interview over multiple sessions
  • Work with psychologists
  • Use questionnaires
  • Assist the participant to prepare their own written statement, with a follow-up phone call for clarification or further detail (in rare circumstances we can provide a template for the written statement)

What's involved in investigating workers compensation claims for physical injury?

When we investigate a claim for physical injury, our approach is all-inclusive. We look at the cause, and we also consider a range of surrounding circumstances, including:

  • The worker’s tasks
  • Any weights used by the worker
  • Any relevant distances over which tasks were performed
  • The worker’s training
  • Activities outside of work
  • Timelines from the start of the shift
  • The time between breaks
  • Any mechanical assistance
  • Injury reports
  • Doctors’ reports
  • The worker’s prognosis

Our physical injury claim investigations may also include photographs or videos, showing the worker’s tasks, work area and hazards which may have contributed to the injury.

How do you investigate work injury damages?

Work injury damages (WID) are also known as modified common law damages. A worker can claim for WID if:

  • Employer negligence caused the injury
  • They are assessed as being at least 15 per cent permanently impaired
  • They have received all entitlements to permanent impairment lump sum payments under NSW workers compensation laws

When we investigate WID claims:

  1. It’s usually two or three years after the completion of the workers compensation process; and
  2. The claimant has made a negligence claim against the insured

The claimant has often instructed a lawyer at this point.

It’s critical to re-interview the insured and any relevant witnesses (if possible). These interviews focus more on the WID claim and whether the insured was negligent.

Not all WID claims result in court proceedings. Still, we conduct our investigation as if a court will determine the matter. This approach helps to ensure that:

  • Evidence is gathered meticulously
  • Legal requirements are met
  • Every aspect of the case is scrutinised

Our role is the ensure that your solicitors have all the information they need.  

Careful and thorough workers compensation investigations

We’ll undertake a fair and objective investigation to help you understand how to manage your organisation’s workers compensation claims.

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