Workplace Investigations

Fair and independent investigations for workplace and employment issues

If you need a workplace investigation, how do you find the time? And how do you quickly upskill in investigation techniques, interviewing, and procedural fairness?

Many managers find themselves performing this juggling act whenever there’s a serious workplace issue. But hiring an external workplace investigator is often an excellent and efficient solution.

We’re third-party investigators skilled in all aspects of workplace investigations. With a focus on procedural fairness, participant welfare, and impartiality, we’re licensed, qualified, and ready to help.

Our investigation services include

Bullying & Harassment

Business Intelligence Breaches

Code of Conduct Breaches

Conflicts of Interest

Fraud and Misappropriation

Workplace Misconduct

Why use an external investigator for my workplace investigation?

Workplace issues are often complex: relationships between workers need managing, workflow must be maintained, and safety must remain a priority. Investigations can often be highly charged, especially if there’s conflict between workers.

Investigations must be fair, but it’s also critical that they’re also perceived to be fair. Perceived fairness is often a much more difficult hurdle to jump if investigations are in-house. An investigation that’s flawed, biased, or perceived to be biased may create significant challenges for your organisation if it’s later forced to defend legal action, for example, an unfair dismissal claim. On the other hand, a thorough, procedurally fair, independent investigation can often help defend a legal action against the organisation.

Why should I choose ISG as my workplace investigator?

Flexibility, communication and industry qualifications are the hallmarks of our services. We assign two investigators to each case for continuity, for example if unforeseen issues arise or if a witness prefers one investigator over the other.

We’re proud to provide workplace investigation services to our clients throughout NSW and the ACT. We’ve invested in technology to make this easier and more efficient, but we also regularly travel to regional sites.

We accommodate our clients who run 24-hour operations. For example, if it’s most convenient to investigate in the evening or early morning, that’s what we’ll do.

We use case management software that provides real-time updates of the investigation’s progress. It’s an essential tool to maintain the flow of information to our clients.  

Importantly, we hold a NSW Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents (CAPI) Master Licence for investigation, process serving and surveillance. All our investigators are CAPI Licenced.

CAPI Licences are important because:

  1. Licence holders are required to uphold the high standards set out in government CAPI regulations; and
  2. The NSW Police issue the Licences only to investigators who demonstrate the utmost integrity in carrying out their work

We’re proud to hold CAPI Licences because they reflect our operations and values.

In addition, all our investigators hold a Certificate III in Investigative Services for factual investigation and inquiry, covert surveillance, and gathering and analysis of evidence. Our senior investigators have also completed a Certificate IV in Government Investigations which give them specific skills and knowledge in government bodies’ ethical, legislative, and compliance requirements.

As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI), we undertake to abide by the AIPI Code of Ethics which requires us to:

  • Act with integrity
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Uphold confidentiality and privacy

Our AIPI membership allows us to refine our skills through ongoing training and skills accreditation.

As a manager, what should I know about the investigation process?

When you engage us, we’ll work with you to prepare the investigation’s terms of reference and scope. This planning stage is critical because it helps us understand:

  • Your organisation
  • The issue
  • Any relevant legislation
  • How to proceed
  • How to assist you

It also helps us identify and manage any risks, such as perceived bias or an unfair dismissal claim.

We seek your approval of our plan before choosing which investigators would best suit your needs.

We’ll interview all participants during the investigation, either in person, by phone or video conferencing (or a combination). Also, we will seek any relevant documents, for example, emails, file notes and employee records. We will visit your site (and any other site) if required and subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our assessment of the evidence – both verbal and documentary – is ongoing. It allows us to identify aspects that require more exploration or clarification. Once we’re satisfied that we have collected all available evidence, we will analyse it and make factual findings. Finally, we give you a detailed report of the investigation and our conclusions and, if you require, provide recommendations.

At all times, we:

  • Communicate our progress to you
  • Maintain procedural fairness to all participants
  • Check in with you about what support your organisation requires, and future needs

Credible, efficient, and trustworthy workplace investigation services

Our investigation team can help your organisation navigate difficult workplace issues.

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