Public Liability Claim Investigations

Extensive inquiry, careful analysis, and close attention to detail

The stakes are often high in public liability claims, especially if legal action for negligence is likely. So thoroughly investigating the claim is a critical part of the determination process. As an insurer, your organisation needs an investigator with the skills and experience to locate and probe the evidence. To consider how the story fits together. To look at the circumstances from every possible angle.

But that’s not all. Your investigator needs to have an excellent understanding of relevant laws and comply with applicable codes, standards and regulations. And above all, you need an investigator who provides objective analysis in a comprehensive, logical report that gives you the necessary information to manage the claim.

As trained product and public liability claim investigators, we’re known for our thorough and considered approach. We can help you manage your caseload with our investigation services.

We investigate most product and public liability claims, including:

Slip and fall accidents


Dog bites

Faulty electrical appliances

Injuries on private properties, including rental properties

Injuries on public properties, including parks and schools

Aviation, boating, and water sport injuries

Defective medical devices or implants

Why should I choose ISG as my investigator?

When you’re managing a significant caseload, there are plenty of demands on your time. Investigating a claim adds pressure, and you may feel challenged to explore the issues in the necessary detail when managing competing priorities. It’s also important that your investigations are, and appear to be, unbiased and independent. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to achieve this when you’re also deciding whether to accept or reject the claim.

As independent investigators, we’ve honed our investigation services for even better efficiency and accuracy. So when you instruct us, we can act quickly, investigate thoroughly and report meticulously. In addition, we will seek your instructions about how you prefer investigations to be conducted and how best to present the information to you.

Our public liability investigation services are:










As a manager, what should I know about the investigation process?

When you engage us to investigate a claim, one of the most critical stages of the process is the briefing. A comprehensive briefing is one of the best ways to ensure that the final report meets your expectations and requirements. In other words, time spent at this stage is an investment in the investigation’s success, so we ensure that we understand:

  • The issues
  • The scope of the investigation
  • Any key problems or concerns

Following the briefing and depending on the circumstances, our investigation process may include

  • Interviewing any witnesses
  • Interviewing the insured’s officers, agents or employees
  • Locating the claimant’s relevant medical reports
  • Locating inspection and cleaning reports
  • Locating any documents identifying a defect or concern, including any repairs
  • Locating any other correspondence or records of phone calls in which the issue was raised with the insured
  • Observing typical activity in the area in which the injury occurred
  • Collecting any relevant policies, procedures, manuals, and inspection protocols
  • Collecting any budget data for maintenance of the area, or other relevant financial records
  • Collating a chronological list of events
  • Identifying any problems with the investigation, for example, witnesses who were identified but refused to be interviewed
  • Preparing a detailed report setting out all the evidence

We don’t provide legal opinions or recommend how our clients should handle the claim. However, based on the available evidence, we do indicate whether aspects of the claim are substantiated or unsubstantiated.

We conduct our investigations according to the General Insurance Code of Practice. We also utilise our CMS for improved case management, efficiency, and communication with our clients.

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