Skip Trace Investigations

Skilled cyber and OSINT investigation services to locate persons of interest

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and cyber investigations are often critical to locating witnesses and deceased estate beneficiaries in legal proceedings, debtors in financial recovery actions, and other missing persons. But trawling through social media pages, databases, and other information is a heavy time cost. Further, understanding where to find the correct information and how to bring all the threads together requires skill, especially when being mindful of privacy laws and other legislation that may affect the investigation. 

We’re specially trained in cyber and OSINT investigations, and we offer a dedicated skip trace investigation service. It means that when we take on your work, we commit our time, training and experience to your skip trace investigation.

Even better, we’re also document service professionals. Once we’ve located the person, we can serve documents in compliance with relevant legal requirements. It makes the process more efficient for you, freeing your time for other work.

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Our skip trace investigation methods include but are not limited to

Database & Records Searches

Image & Geographical Analysis

Social Media Intelligence

Why should I choose ISG as my skip trace investigator?

Technology is constantly changing, meaning that there are often new methods to locate people. As trained skip trace investigators, we’re committed to keeping our skills updated.

We commit to digging into the task and investigating every avenue, possibility and line of inquiry. We’ve found this to be a highly effective approach to skip tracing. Even better, once this aspect of the investigation is complete, we can continue with a factual investigation, depending on your instructions and requirements. For example, this may include interviewing witnesses for a criminal case or conducting surveillance for a family law case. In these circumstances, we use our content management system to ensure continuity and efficiency.

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Skip trace investigation FAQs

The length of time it will take us to complete a skip trace investigation will depend on your requirements and the complexity of the issue. If you have a specific timeline that you need us to meet, please let us know when you engage us as your investigator.

Our investigation fees will vary depending on your requirements (including the urgency) and the complexity of the issue. We will discuss our fees with you before you engage our services, and then (if you agree) we enter into a contract with you that specifies our fees. Typically, our fees include

  • A fixed fee for administration such as documentation and processing
  • A fee payable only if we successfully locate the person
  • Fees for additional services such as process serving, surveillance or investigations

Due to privacy laws, we don’t usually conduct investigations on behalf of private individuals. However, we may agree to undertake the work if you have an official document that demonstrates the need for the investigation. Official documents may include legal letters, court orders and council letters. When you contact us to discuss your investigation needs, we’ll work this out with you.

Our skip trace investigation services are:








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